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As industry specialists in the field of testing and tagging and electrical compliance, our systems and processes are designed to make compliance easy and stress free.

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Servicing the greater South East Queensland region, our staff are there when you need them. We guarantee our on time booked service and quoted price policies.

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All our field staff are licensed electricians, so not only can we electrically test but also repair any of your equipment so your business downtime is reduced.

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When it comes to electrical testing and tagging services, we are the experts. With over 25 years experience in the electrical industry, we’ve got the technical knowledge as well as the practical capacity to handle any testing task and help you maintain 100% compliance. Our team provides test and tag services Brisbane wide, as well as South East Queensland. With 24/7 availability, you can rely on us for last minute service or testing at a time that’s convenient for your operations.

We ensure that all our staff are fully trained and qualified to handle any and all electrical, RCD and appliance testing and tagging services for schools, hotel accommodation, workshops, offices, shops and many more. You, your staff and your home and business electrical safety is our top priority.

Whilst anyone can complete a test and tag course and must use a PAT (Portable Appliance Tester), only a licensed electrician can carry out electrical repairs on your equipment. In Queensland all testing and tagging organisations are additionally required to hold a registered Queensland Electrical Contractor’s licence, and you should request a copy of this electrical licence when booking your electrical test and tag inspection.
Test-Tag.com.au is committed to providing affordable, quality services to meet our client’s expectations. As prescribed by workplace, occupational safety and health regulations, the person having control of a workplace or access must ensure that the workplace is safe and inspected, tested and tagged by a competent and trained person.
Test-Tag.com.au understands that you don’t have the time to shut down your worksite or business during a test and tag service. Instead, Test-Tag.com.au offer flexible appointments and a prompt service. We care about your satisfaction, which is why outstanding customer service is always number one. You will always receive a professional, reliable and honest service when you use Test-Tag.com.au

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Thermal Imaging

Hot Spots and Faults

Thermal imaging, also called thermography. Everything gives off some amount of thermal radiation and thermal imaging is used for observing the heat that is emitted from these objects. The amount of radiation emitted by an object increases with temperature; therefore, thermal imaging allows humans to see variations in temperature.

Test and Tag

Electrical Testing

 AS/NZS 3760:2010 outlines the necessity of in-service inspection and testing for the safety of all persons using electrical appliances and the obligations and responsibilities of employers and employees regarding their duty of care as listed in legislation covering OHS safety issues. It is necessary for electrical safety compliance in the workplace.

Exit Lighting

Emergency Systems

In conjunction with the other mandatory inspections, we can provide the safety compliance testing provide Emergency and Exit Light periodic inspection, testing, tube replacement and cleaning. These 6 and 12 monthly procedures ensure that relevant compliance requirements are being met, accurately recorded and conducted.

Microwave Testing

Leaks and Power Ouput

Employers and PCBU legal duty of care are not limited to Electrical Appliance Testing and Tagging. There are many other electrical safety issues within the workplace covered by WHS legislation, and one of these is the testing of Microwave Ovens for harmful radiation leakage.

RCD Testing

Safety Switch Trip Time

By having the RCD’s trip time / current tests performed on your premises your company will be fulfilling its obligations under Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760. RCD Safety Switch Testing. We conduct a 6 monthly, yearly or bi-yearly procedure to ensure that the Australian Standard is being met.


Buying a Property

An electrical inspection prior to buying a home is important to identify any dangerous electrical situations that may be very expensive to repair once the property has been purchased. An electrical inspection can also help you negotiate a lower price if you find any property faults


Please review the most common questions we are asked about test and tag requirements with answers from our experts.


Why Test and Tag? OHS

Test and Tag is the name given to the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances. It involves two parts: first visually inspecting the appliance for any damage, followed by electrically testing it with a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT).

Repair Faulty Appliances

What Needs Testing? Service

All electrical items designed for connection by flexible supply cord and plug top to 240v or 415v volt that plugs into a power socket needs to be inspected, tested and tagged in every type of workplace, organisation, or community centre.

Microwave Testing

How Often To Test? Frequency

Testing frequency differs between workplace based on circumstances including levels of risks involved and where the equipment is being used. Most businesses only require yearly inspections however high risk workplaces need more frequent testing.


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Test-Tag is committed to providing an efficient, value for money, professional service to all our customers no matter how big or small your business. We use the latest technology for our testing to provide our customers with fast and reliable results. We ensure that your site is a safe place to work and your staff are safe.

We work with all types of businesses large and small, industrial, commercial and home office. We pride ourselves on providing a Premium Service at an affordable price to all our customers.


Our test and tag service area includes Brisbane and Greater South East Queensland area, so please use our online Free Quote form so we can give you a price or call for us on the phone numbers below and talk direct to our qualified staff.

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